Social Impact Investment & Sustainability Forum (SIIS)


  • 13:00 – 13:30

    Moderator – General: Dr. Xiao Geng
    Professor of Practice, PHBS, The Chairman of Hong Kong Institution of International Finance

Chairman Opening Remarks

  • 13:30 – 13:33
    Dr. Luo Xiang

    Chair of Social Impact Investment & Sustainability Forum (SIIS)
    Former representative of UNOPS-China, Top Ten Leaders of China’s Smart Economy 2020

Speakers on Opening Ceremony

  • 13:33 – 13:40

    Dr. Jan Mattsson

    Chairman of Everlmpact, Former Under-Secretary-General of United Nations
    Member of the World Bank Group Inspection Panel

  • 13:40 – 13:47

    Dr. Yukio Hatoyama

    The 93rd Prime Minister of Japan, Chairman of Yuai Foundation

  • 13:47 – 13:54

    Dr. Mr. Steve Wozniak

    Co-founder of Apple, Founder of Efforce Energy Efficiency BlockChain

  • 13:54 – 14:00

    The Honourable Bernard Charnwut Chan, GBM, GBS, JP

    Convenor of the Executive Council, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Key-note Speakers

  • 14:00 – 14:15
    Topic:A Critical Role of Green Finance for Promoting Global Economic Recovery
    Speaker:Mr. Satya Tripathi

    Assistant Secretary General of United Nations, Head of Green Financial Initiatives, United Nations Environment Program

  • 14:15 – 14:30

    Topic:From Hydrogen Energy to Carbon Neutral to Impact Investment
    Speaker:Mr. Huang Wensheng

    Chairman of Sinopec Capital Co.,Ltd, board member of Hydrogen council
    Member of Executive Committee of Climate Change Initiated by UN agencies

  • 14:30 – 14:45

    Topic:Guiding Principles of Social Impact Investment Corporate Sustainable Growth
    Speaker:Mr. Frank Liu

    Founder & President, INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd & INTCO Renewable Resource Co., Ltd
    “Person of the year of China’s Top Ten Brands in 2020 and Top Ten Influential Person in 2020”

  • 14:45 – 15:00

    Topic:UNESCO’s Experience and Best Practices in the Pursuit of the SDGs
    Speaker:Dr. Marielza Oliveira

    Director and Representative of UNESCO Beijing cluster (China, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia)

  • 15:00 – 15:15

    Topic:Chinese Capital Investing in Future’s Innovation & Technology to Drive SDG
    Speaker:Ms. Dania Zhou

    Founder of CSC Impact Investment (UK), core investor in Founder Factory
    Europe’s best innovation incubator

  • 15:15 – 15:30

    Topic:Green Finance and Sustainable Development
    Speaker:Mr. Roy Lo

    Chief Financial Officer of the Hong Kong Committee of UNESCO

  • 15:30 – 15:45

    Topic:Latest Developments in Outcome Measurement and Total Impact Valuation in  Support of ESG Investment Decision Making
    Speaker:Dr. Terence Yuen

    Founder and Executive Director of the Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analysts

  • 15:45 – 16:00

    Topic:Significant Impact of Blockchain Driving Energy Efficiency

    Speaker:Mr. Andrea Castiglione

    Co-Founder of Efforce Energy Efficiency BlockChain

Round-table discussion I

  • 16:00 – 16:40
    Topic:Trends & Strategic Thinking on Social Impact Investment in the Post-epidemic Era

Mr. Xu Chen
Chief Advisor, MIT Technology Review in China, founder of Banshan Think Tank

Mr. Allen Yeung, JP
Former HK Government CIO, Founding Chairman of Institute of Big Data Governance

Mr. Brian Hu
Founder and Chairman of the global mentors board, the world’s largest ecological platform dedicated to the sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises

Ms. Yujin Fang
Manager Director, Fang Fund Partners (Fund of Funds of focusing social impact investment)

Ms. Yanzhi Chen
Founder & MD, E Link Ventures, Core Funded by Tencent Group, One of China’s most influential digital ventures

Mr. Shuangli Kuang
Most Influential Lawyers of China’s Carbon Neutral Year of 2020


Round-table discussion II

  • 16:40 – 17:20
    Topic:Technological Innovation Drives Impact Investment & Contributes to SDG

Dr. Geng Xiao
Professor of Practice, PHBS, The Chairman of Hong Kong Institution of International Finance

Mr. Wenping Zang
The Founder and Chairman, Kimwan Carbon Technology and Development Co. Ltd, founder of Green Hydrogen Energy

Mr. Qing Feng
Founder of Impact Fund, World Economic Fourm rated the world’s outstanding youth, G20 Social influence investment elite

Mr. Qingle Huang
Founder and Chair, Dunhuang Shouhang energy saving new energy Co., Ltd. The world’s largest solar-thermal power company

Mr. Weipeng Gao
YuanBio Venture Capital, One of the most influential life science venture fund in China

Mr. Ming Chang
Founder and Chairman of “Where Does Paper Go”, the largest Internet platform for recycle paper trading in China

Round table discussion III

  • 17:20 – 18:00
    Topic:Social Impact Investment, Green Finance and ESG

Mr. Anthony Fan
Chairman of The Asia Independent Non-Executive Director Association

Prof. Johnny Ng
Kit-chong Founder and Chairman, Goldford Group

Dr. Terence Chan
Chairman of ESG Committee, HKiNEDA

Ms Linda HO Wai-ping
Chief Executive Officer, Green Council

Ms. Gloria So
Partner of SHINEWING Sustainability

Ms. Sarah Gordon
Chief Executive Officer, UK Impact Investing Institution


  • 18:00 – 18:15

    Initiative I : Establishment and initiative of the Special Steering Committee on Global Carbon Neutrality

    The carbon neutral task-force calls investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and policy-makers to mobilize resources to reach the global carbon neutral goals.

  • 18:15 – 18:30

    Initiative II : Digital Art for Social Impact Investment & Sustainability

    International young artists will show how to use digital art to promote sustainable development of the future society.

    Initiative III : Raise awareness of gut microbiome to enhance human immunity 

    to cope with future epidemic challenges

    A task-force will be formed with HKSGM and other international organizations to conduct large-scale research on precise
    treatment and application of gut microbiome.

Summary of the SIIS Forum

  • 18:30

    Dr. William Yu

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer of World Green Organisation

#The above information is tentative, the Organizer reserves the right to amend without notice.

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