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Business and finance can deliver positive social, environmental and economic impacts. At the same time, positive impacts can generate new financial revenues.

The finance sector has a strategic interest in understanding impacts and can play a central role in facilitating the transition to an impactful and impact-based economy. Accordingly, it needs to improve its capacity for impact analysis.

The Principles for Positive Impact provide a meta-framework with a holistic definition of impact to complement and promote convergence among the growing body of impact-oriented methodologies and standards.

Principles for Positive Impact

Positive Impact Model Frameworks and Impact Radar 

The Positive Impact Initiative has also developed Model Frameworks and an Impact Radar as practical guidance for banks and investors.

The purpose of the Models is to help them develop appropriate frameworks or adapt their existing frameworks to implement holistic impact analysis: for decision-making, for the development of financial products, and for the overall review of portfolios.

The Impact Radar, provides a taxonomy of impacts and impact definitions against which to accomplish these tasks.

Impact Ecosystem

No one will achieve the SDGs in isolation

We need an impact focused ecosystem involving all stakeholders – the private and financial sector, but also the public sector, academia, civil society as well as individuals and their communities.

It’s time for the growing impact movement to accelerate; more coordination and collaboration between stakeholders are needed to create an impact ecosystem.

For Details of Social Impact Investment, please refer to the website of UN Environment Finance Initiative (

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